Bad Mama Keelung
CompanyAdam Hunt Ideas
Lead DesignersAdam Hunt & Gemma Lin
Project LocationKànzǐdǐng Fish Market, Keelung City, Taiwan.
ClientBad Mama Keelung
CreditsPhotos by Adam Hunt
Prize(s)Bronze in Interior Design / Sustainable Living/Green
Project LinkView
Entry Description
Up a skinny medieval laneway where hookers brawl with gangsters off the Kànzǐdǐng Night Street Fish Markets behind a Temple to The Great Goddess Mazu, Patron Saint of Seafarers lay a 150 year old building that had been derelict for over 50 years.

So it made sense to build our bar out of an old fishing boat.

The Interior Design evolved from whatever we harvested from the wild & windswept coast of Northern Taiwan.

Fishing boat wood, plastic floats & rope from fishing nets, rusty anchors, driftwood, materials from abandoned hotels & found objects from the streets of Keelung all came together.
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